To the dark side

Remember the first post I made about my other car i.e. Toyota Corolla AE 101 ? Yup this is the one. Below is a set of pictures before the paint job.


The color is DARK/METALLIC GREY PEARL. Its Lexus IS200 color :). The guy on the first picture (the one who did the paint job) is the owner of this workshop. His name is Johnson.

From there I went straight to fix my air-conditioning. (JENSED)

The guy in the white shirt is JiTong KING OF AIR-CONDITIONING in Brunei. If you are going to his shop, get ready for your wallet to get drained. Expensive but worth what you spend on.

Calculating my bill , total of $2680 Brunei Dollars 😦

From there I went to Sin Hiap Hin to get a brand new Shock Absorbers REAR and FRONT. Its a GAS shock KYB Brand. Will post the pictures tomorrow with my TEIN Spring and my new 17′ inch alloys.


~ by M3CH4N1X on November 8, 2006.

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