Your are officially being PIMPED

As promised here are the pictures of my new shocks and springs with brand new alloys.


KYB (KaYaBa) Gas Shock Absorbers (FRONT & REAR)

My new 17 Inch alloys (Made in Taiwan) with Falken Tyres (205/40R17)

Front view of my cars 🙂

The guy below is JOEY. He has been maintaining our cars for more than 10 years. Our trusted man.

Notice the color of my springs black? I asked the mechanic to spray them with HIGH TEMP color. Reason? Is it because our authority is against modifying cars . But we never cares 🙂

And few hours later….

Bill Payment $150 Brunei Dollars (Labour Charge)

After from Toyota agent I drove to S&L (I dont know what it means) to adjust my wheel alignment, camber and install camber kit

Looks cool ey?

As usual the most important part, paying the bill which is $206 (Wheel Alignment $13 x2 , Side Camber $35 x4 and 4 pcs camber kit X $10)

Bonus : My KE 3o Engine – 85% nearly done :). Gorgeous.


~ by M3CH4N1X on November 9, 2006.

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