Recent progress of my KE30. ATM, they had to stop restoring the car due to the fact that I need to get the “RUBBER SEAL REAR MIRROR” . I heard in Miri (neighbouring country) is easy to find since most of the people there still drive this car. Which is cool btw


~ by M3CH4N1X on November 12, 2006.

4 Responses to “Naked”

  1. are you stripping the paint off the car? Using paint stripper I guess. If so make sure the chemical is completely cleaned off when u do primer and paint later on. Chemical residue left on the metal will rust faster than before.

    Paint removal should be done portion by portion to avoid unnessasry exposure of bare metal to the atmosphere. You should see how bare metal from a car react to the atmosphore….contact of bare metal to atmosphre or damp hand can make surface rust pretty fast….

  2. Thanks for the tips.

    The car that I restore is professionally done. Hopefully.

  3. Are you looking for KE30 Rear windscreen seal?
    Let me know via My email
    I’ll selling this parts on Ebay.
    visit my store at boonjr21

  4. Where you from boon?

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