The Rubber

Went to Miri of Malaysia yesterday just to get these 3 rubbers and bought it from TIONG HEE AUTO SUPPLY SDN. BHD for RM $93 – (divide by 2.35) ONLY (for 3 of them which I bought in Brunei for BND $69 x 2.35 (exchange rate) is equal to I GOT PUNKED.). These rubbers are for rear mirror (picture 1) and doors – left side, need to get the right side too (The supplier is out of stock) (picture 2). Gonna send them later to Toyota body works.



~ by M3CH4N1X on November 19, 2006.

3 Responses to “The Rubber”

  1. I take it that the rubbers were made in Thailand. I believe only rear and front screen has replacement rubber. Door and window rubber are not available, not even in OEM.

    Anyway, from my experience dealing with old skool car, make sure that the rubber installation is done properly by skilled worker. My fren’s car was leaking in water after replacing the rubbers. I think the rubbers aren’t as good as ori rubbers…..

  2. Surprisingly the rubber is made in Malaysia. It is clearly stated that Manufactured in Malaysia though. I dont know if its third party production.

    I sent my car to the official Toyota Paint Workshop. So far the restoration is brilliant. Will post more pictures soon

  3. and I have the Door and Window rubber too.

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