Primer means progress

The car has been put on hold for over two months because the person who supposed to do it went back to his country for good (lung disease? too much inhaling smoke i supposed + he is a heavy smoker too) Any way here are the recent photos (progress) that I took the other day. Still a lot of work to be done. Enjoy i guess.


~ by M3CH4N1X on February 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Primer means progress”

  1. the car is beautiful I have one I live in the states if there is anything you need and I can help you just drop me a line. I what color are you painting it.

  2. Thanks. I cant wait when its finished. I decided to paint them MASERATI color code, DAZZING BLACK if im not mistaken. Will post the progress soon.

  3. sweeeeet ride!

    how can i get one?

  4. I bought the car when I was still in Uni for $400. The car was sitting in the garage for more than 10 years that time. Picked it up at friend’s house with hired-trailer and sent straight to Toyota Workshop for changing the pipes, fuel-pump, modify the starter to electronic starter, overhauling the break and etc. Now the engine is at Toyota for a major overhaul. Once the restoration project is finish, then I have to send it back to the workshop for engine installation.

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