Maserati Dazzing Black

 Some cant afford Maserati including me but this car will be sprayed with Maserati colour code. I know its sad but heck it better than having nothing. Here are the latest progress that I took few weeks ago. Im not sure why he painted half-way. I guess he’s doing pre-test painting?. duhh.


~ by M3CH4N1X on March 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Maserati Dazzing Black”

  1. Eh i was kinda thinkin of repaintin my car. Toyota dapat except other makes of cars to repaint? Or is it exclusive Toyota cars saja. BTW, this place at Toyota Body Inspection di Berakas kah?

  2. yup i think toyota dapat buat kerita lain jua. i know because my cuz sent his merc to toyota. The place is behind supasave.

  3. Cool..thanks for the info 🙂
    Goodluck with the Toyota..i’d like to see how it turns out.

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