They’ve polished the car which means a good progress. Whats left is to clean up the car inside out. Called supplier in Miri requesting for the Triangle Mirror Rubber for both rear doors and im still waiting for all the car parts to arrive so I can collect them at once. The new overhauled engine will be installed at the same place, maybe. Today, I’ve sent two new headlights, weather strip rubber (front right) and both signals indicator for them to install. Pictures are taken this morning. Enjoy.


~ by M3CH4N1X on May 11, 2007.

11 Responses to “Polished”

  1. nice car you have here dude

  2. awsome how can still get those parts new! i need front windscreen rubbers that chrome strip around it?

  3. I bought the front screen rubber which is less than $10 US Dollars. Its a third party made. I can’t find the chrome lining and I already asked my supplier over in Malaysia. Actually, you can get the front screen rubber over eBay but the shipping is more expensive than the rubber but if you are desperate i guess you’ll go for it.

  4. i found new windscreen rubber and new chrome insert – looks mint! got it from http://www.rarespares.co.nz in new zealand.

  5. Good evenings, I are interested Front and back Windscreen Seal of toyota 1000 (kp30), 2 doors.
    number chassis. Kp30-771048


  6. hehehe i dont sell those items.

  7. kool

  8. hi ter..im deven.i own a ke30 as well and lookin for some parts for it.how do i contact you to get more details about wer can search for the parts of ke30.thank you.

  9. awesome dude..i got my old ke30 from my father but then i don know what the best engine to install..u thin bro..silvertop r blacktop..i found that difficult to get a sparepare la bro..how..

  10. i got ke30 from my uncle..i wan to recondition its body…where can i make it,,in malaysia?

  11. hi..im i looking for rubber seals for windows car for my car, i understand u have some contact…if its possible u help me..my car is Toyota 1000 KP30 and Toyota Corolla 1200 KE20

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