The 3K engine

They installed the engine yesterday and most probably going to continue today. Here are the latest pictures of my car. Sorry for the blurry images as I took this with my mobile phone’s camera. SUCK!


~ by M3CH4N1X on May 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “The 3K engine”

  1. I just bought a secondhand ke30 where can I get all the spare part?. Is there any 5 speed gearbox?

  2. mn mau cr enjin power pnya untk kE30

  3. Nice man, iv got a Ke30 2door there good cars!
    love the paintjob, im planing on painting mine black.
    dunno if your on there or not but you should check out iv got my car on there, my names the same on that site

  4. It is hello, a Japanese KE50 owner.
    Because English cannot talk, I use translation software.
    Because it is an old car, I have trouble with search for part in Japan.
    I misappropriate the part of cars such as AE86, KP61, KM51.

  5. I want turning my car.

  6. i want buy some new frond damper and grill toyota ke.30

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