This site is no longer available

•October 22, 2008 • 4 Comments

I moved to HVYBRTHR

KE30 is still there.


New parts

•September 15, 2007 • 33 Comments

I promised to post pictures of my new parts few months ago and here there are:

A pair of ke30 license plate lights – Made in Thailand

A pair of ke30 Tail/Rear lights (Lens Cover) – Made inTaiwan TYC – The outside chrome is plastic.

A pair of Bumper Signal – Made in Thailand

It supposed to be yesterday but its NOT!

•September 15, 2007 • 2 Comments

They promised me to finish the car by this Friday but it seems impossible. Pictures below are the progress of my car. I was told that this car is to be send to the agent Monday for general check. Enjoy!


•September 11, 2007 • 1 Comment

It has been 11ty months I havent update the progress of my car. Last time I promised to post pictures of what I’ve bought from Miri but I failed to do that. Sent my 14inch jelly bean alloys for polishing 3 months ago ( i have yet to pick it up) – cost me bloody $100 bucks for that. Well, the car is still at the work shop and job is still pending. Went to the place 2 days ago to see if there was ‘progress’ made but to my disappointment – it did not. I have to call my trusted mechanic now he is a foreman ask him to push them to get the job done. This is where you really get pissed off when I thought the car is ready after I had my 10 days holiday in Bangkok. A lot of excuses being said to when they said

  1. “We are waiting for the engine installation so its easy for us to move the car around” – understandable. When the car engine was installed then they said –
  2. “We have to make sure the brakes are working and needed to be overhauled” – ok fine. After it got overhauled they said this –
  3. “We are waiting for you to get the car battery so we can start the engine and its easy for us to move the car”

This has been going on months and months.


UPDATE : So I went there again to check the car and they said its going to be ready this FRIDAYYY!!! I requested the grill to be painted black too. Let see whats the outcome. LOLZZ

I’ve been Wii-ed

•June 21, 2007 • Leave a Comment

No more buying games. Unless PS3 has killer games. **BULLSHIT**

My Wii Sport Console

I’ve got few items from aMIRIka

•June 20, 2007 • 10 Comments

Last week I picked my items in Miri. Items are:

  1. a pair of new tail lights for KE30
  2. a pair of license plate lights for KE30
  3. 1 bumper signal on the right (have yet to confirm that heh) for KE30
  4. door rubber sealed right rear and rear bonnet weather strip

Will post picture soon.

Chaotic PC ver. RAZER STUFFS

•June 14, 2007 • Leave a Comment

In the event of new PSU and stupid cheap ass MoBo (switch panel on th mainboard is suck), I bought new mouse (Copperhead), keyboard(Tarantula) and mat(Exact Mat). Its RAZER! Will post pictures later. Fuckin’ awesome.